Tuesday, December 04, 2007

At least it isn't me.

Bloggers everywhere mourn the lack of sun for our sometimes daily picture taking. Couple that with switching all of our indoor lights to fluorescent and it's a bad recipe for showing off.

I have a number of things that I have to finish, and I'm not ordinarily in that position. It's a bit strange. I don't usually knit for presents so I'm not used to the deadlines or the sinking feeling that comes with wondering if you'll make said deadline.

And what's the best way to deal with deadlines? By not thinking about them! Behold, Janis rants about her current projects and other things!

My deadline projects are:

1. Selbuvotter gloves or mittens for the Ravelry Mitten Swap. I'm almost finished one, but it got put to the bottom of the pile during November. I can do about a quarter of one in a day, so that's not really a problem. However, the knowing of this is, because I keep saying I'll work on it later because it's so fast. Bad idea. I'm pulling it out tonight.

2. Sweater class sweater. This is a lot of stocking stitch. Yes, I still call it stocking stitch, whatever. I've finished the body, half-finished one sleeve and still have to buy the yarn for the Houndstooth fair isle at the bottom. But once I get everything joined and the yoke begun, I'll be flying. This is for the sweater design class at Serenity Knits, but classes have been put on hold indefinitely, as my teacher's mother just passed away. So there isn't a real deadline for it anymore, just...soon.

And my other project are:

1. Handpainted socks. Yes, I do still plan to make a paltry living off of handpainting yarns. I've just been totally sidetracked by NaNoWriMo that I haven't been able to dye more. It really completely sucked my life up this year. But my first socks will be finished! Maybe!

2. Vog On socks. Riiight, those. They're so close to being finished that when I do sit down to finish them I'll feel like a moron for having left them so long. Just like my Slackotis.

(By the way, every time I look at my Clapotis, I want to make another one immediately. Out of handspun. Oy.)

3. Crochet bolero, Short & Sweet from, shudder, the Happy Hooker. I love the book, don't get me wrong. But the name, the name. I hate when people say "hooker" or "hooking" or whatever in reference to crochet. Oh, it uses a hook! Aren't you being SO BAD by calling yourself a hooker! My goodness! You're so saucy! Stfu. You're not. It's stupid. And the intro in the book?! Don't you dare try and tell me the word "hooker" for prostitute came into use because they crocheted in factories and worked the streets at night. That's a lie, Debbie Stoller, and you know it. I admit, it makes for a cute little story but if there was any research beyond crochet web pages going on, it can be proved wrong quite easily. That being said, it's a cute book although my copy seems to have the most errors allowed by law. The bolero is cute and I can't wait to wear it at holiday things.

4. Spinning brown tweedy merino for gloves for Alex. I've started the spinning part. I'm almost finished? I can't spin for extended periods of time anymore (say, hours at once) because my back just recoils in horror. But, I might have them done for our anniversary in February. Two years, by the way. Twoooo years.

5. The bathrobe sweater. Oh, right. A wrap sweater that I'm lazily working on, out of Knit Picks Crayon in the least offensive colour, cream.

6. Malabrigo gloves for bead knitting class, the last class of which was cancelled due to bad weather. Just let me say that again though: Malabrigo. Gloves. I'm glad I opted for gloves and not mittens. I've finished one, I didn't have a pattern and the finger joins are kind of wonky, but man. Malabrigo gloves.

You know, I think that's all of my projects that I'm actively working on. Actively being the key word. I'd love to be able to finish all of my projects before the new year and enter 2008 project-debt-free, but, alas, not this year. Maybe next year.

And!! Happy Chanukah! Latkes and if I weren't so scared of frying things, soofganiot. Mmm. Donuts.


Anonymous Amanda said...

As someone who is generally considered a real hooker, it annoys me when people who crochet use the term -- like they're really naughty or something. Imagine the offense if they were called a hooker by someone who didn't know their hobby. (And it messes with my Google Alerts -- which is what brought me to this blog.)

Did you make 50K words in NaNoWriMo this year? (I failed again as I do every year.)

12:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Malabrigo gloves. Nnnnnnnnngh.

8:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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