Monday, June 06, 2005

Nothing is free.

Fifteen dollars of duty for the Lamb's Pride worsted. It's a lot more purple than I thought it would be. But it's really nice. And they sent me a free tote bag too! Instant project bag! Wonderful. Tomorrow the Kureyon gets here, and I hope it matches. Or at least mismatches nicely.

The stole. I wound the laceweight into a ball. Well, almost all of it. Okay, one hank. Okay, 3/4s of one. I got fed up and it got tangled pretty bad. And I'm half done the first set of instructions. It looks gorgeous.

The sweater, I joined the sleeves to the body. So, all in all, making some good headway on everything. About an inch more on the sock until I start doing the decreasing for the toe.

Pictures of things tomorrow after I get my Kureyon. Mostly just me rolling around naked in a pile of wool. You know you want it.