Friday, August 03, 2007


Threadbared is dead. May it rest in peace. As a collector/scavenger of vintage patterns, I loved their snarking of pantyhose crafts and macramé vests. I always appreciate the absurd in normal places, and will miss their hilarity. But, I might just dig through my own patterns and post some of the more ridiculous ones from time to time. It's odd that Value Village is always the best place for vintage patterns, but the Sally Ann just a few doors down from it is the best place for yarn. Convenient, but weird.

And just look at the mittens Jane is working on! Ever since I started rabidly reading Elizabeth Zimmermann's books, I've wanted to do some Latvian mittens. I have some Knit Picks Palette hanging around from their Tulip socks, so I might see if I can figure something out. Spring-like mittens for the winter would be so cute.

Speaking of EZ. The other night I decided to cast on for the colour pattern practice hat in Knitting Workshop. And - despite drinking - I managed to finish it all in one night. It's with the leftover Nature Wool from the BSJ, and I love how it turned out.

Colour practice hat 2.

Sigh. Nature Wool. It makes everything look better. I was running out of the green, though, so I did the top all speckled.

Hats mating.

See how small, compared to my second slouch hat?

Slouch 2!

Oh, slouch hat, I love you. It's sticking out like that because of how I have my hair up, it's not wonky, I swear. It's made from a random old Noro yarn I found at a yarn store that was going out of business. I've since seen it once at Needles & Knits here in Aurora, but in navy. I wish it wasn't discontinued, I really love it.

And I bought this insane coffee when my sister and I were out. I can't find anything else about it online, except their fairly crappy website with only one flavour, when there were about five or six available when I bought it. I got hazelnut. I have a steaming mug in front of me right now, and fully expect to be able to accomplish a lot this afternoon once I finish it. I want to spin more rainbow yarn so I can get to spinning some turquoise and gray for a sweater from Spin to Knit, maybe play some Guitar Hero, clean my room a bit, clean my knitting and spinning area, because oh my god it's overrun.

Damn, this coffee smells good.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Wise words.

"If you knit, you rip."

It usually takes a knitter a few years to realise this, to understand that progress is more likely if you rip back either completely or just a tad, and then get motoring again. It's hard to see all those stitches, all that work flying back into string but at the same time, it's gratifying to know it's going to be something better. We can rebuild it. We have the technology patience.

I'm at peace with ripping. I've ripped back a never-to-be-felted Manos purse and made a hat. I've ripped back a wrap and queued the yarn for EZ's double-knit baby blanket. I'm getting ready to rip back my Mystery Stole #3 due to some major mistakes a few rows back and a war with row 80-something. I may or may not start over. I usually lose steam on lace once I've ripped.

And finally, my Gryffindor house sweater. To be honest, I was never happy with the colours of red and gold I ordered from Knit Picks, but forged on. I wish I'd been thinking and got charcoal instead of silver for a new-style house sweater. So my plan with this is to rip and turn it into a sweater I might actually wear. Which might be the Faux Fair Isle sweater from Spin to Knit. I have one in the queue already, but I realised that the roving I was going to spin for the yoke would pill like hell, and the Nature Wool wants to be a wrap anyway.

I'm sure I can find something to match the silver. Or...I can go shopping on Etsy? No, that's not the right one.

OH the turquoise corriedale...with bits of silver corriedale to match the silver Wool of the Andes!


Accio spindle!

I mean...let me get my spindle. Too much Harry Potter.

ETA: I was thinking about other things I might have to rip in the near future, beloved but failing Kureyon cardigan might be on the chopping block. Do I finish the collar and see what it looks like, or just dive right in and frog it? Decisions.