Friday, February 02, 2007


Remember the mittens I spoke of yesterday?

I finished them a little faster than I expected. Oops. They were going to be the yin to my yang, the boring project to my lace project! Now what? I don't know.

God help me, I don't know.

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Thursday, February 01, 2007


We decided that with the IBK Dolan in Galenas Merino, a shorter version of Cozy would be ideal. And here she is, about four repeats in.

It's a fun, easy pattern, and I don't think I'll get sick of it for a while. It's such a soft yarn that I had to make it into something that would wrap around me. I did have to rip back one row because I was cocky, and the Knitting Gods, they punish, but otherwise it's a smooth ride so far.

I think I'll finish a mitten from a few years ago during TV-paying attention time though. While the lace isn't complicated, and I am a seasoned multitasker, I tend to be a maven of concentration during such involved shows as 'The Office' or 'My Name is Earl' and I'd rather not have to rip back another row because I missed a yarn over, consistently, on every repeat.



Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Yes, well.

In the interest of something, my knitting blog will be here now, because of...computers and my server going kablooey, and this being easier anyway.

Since I last blogged, I decided to do the Knit from the Stash business that other bloggers are, but mine is a little more strict. No yarn*, no spinning fiber, patterns, books and notions are fine, but no fancy needles as well.

So today, the last yarn of the year arrived. I ordered it at the end of December, and it's dyed to order (does that make sense?) so it didn't come until today, when I think I also did.

Irish Baby Knits Dolan, in Galenas Merino, as pictured. Three balls, 660 yards, the softest stuff in the world. If I ever do end up with a baby to knit for, I know right where to do. So this afternoon will be figuring out what to do with it.

And I have a fancy new digital camera, so pictures pictures pictures to come!

*No yarn, unless an emergency arises, such as last week. I was knitting a cardigan while visiting the boyfriend in New Jersey, and ran out of yarn, but needed the cardigan to be finished for an event. So I HAD to buy yarn. It was only two balls of Patons Classic, I didn't go crazy. I did finish the cardigan, but it needs serious shaping work, because I got impatient. I don't see any more such emergencies arising in the future, however.