Friday, May 11, 2007

No more text.

I know, no one cares about text, we all want pictures!

I've been knitting a few things on and off, but can't really commit myself to one project. Sometimes I get a rabid case of tunnel vision and can't put a certain project down until it's finished, but, I'm not really in that state of mind.

Here's a Tofutsies sock!

It's using their Mountain Peaks pattern, which is really easy. I went really good for a few days, and then crapped out. I'm currently still crapped out.

Here's the Big Yellow Thing.

It's a top down raglan t-shirt in a DK-labelled but more sport weight cotton/acrylic that I've had for an embarrassingly long time. It's the current watching TV project because it's easy and requires little to no thought at this point. I'm doing decorative yarn-over increases and it's taking forever.

Here's the Tiger Tail alpaca from a few entries back.

I don't have much to say about it except I love it a lot, and can't wait to ply it and make it into something special.

And here's some Artyarns Supermerino...

...that was chewed up by this now-famous dog. That's the delightful Jersey, dog to my equally delightful Alex. The first time I visited Alex (who lives in New Jersey), Jersey saw fit to gnaw my ten year old limited edition Converse low-tops. They were flannel plaid. I loved them well, but alas, Jersey told me it was time to move on. I wasn't mad at her. Later, she deposited a toy on my lap, which no dog had ever done. So I figured it was love.

I made Alex take me to a yarn store later in the trip, and apart from the snobbiest salespeople I've ever been privy to, it was a great store. I got my first Koigu, my first Trekking XXL, some of the pictured Supermerino in the blue, and some in pink. They wrapped it in tissue and put it in a cute little gift bag. Back at Alex's, I deposited it on the floor and we cuddled up for some Deadliest Catch. I didn't notice anything, but Alex did. Jersey had something.

And it was that yarn. She chewed it.

The funny thing is, I wasn't even mad. Alex was mad, but I wasn't. You've seen the picture. She's beautiful, and she's quirky, and she's often maddening, but also a fantastic dog. And I know one day she'll be so surrounded by yarn that it won't even be an issue for her, like with my cats.

Besides, Jersey is famous now! I can't be mad when she's famous.

ETA: Jersey made it on the site again. We have an exhaustive amount of these pictures, let me tell you.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Firmly planted in love.

I finally broke down and ordered Fitted Knits by Stefanie Japel. I was going to wait until I saw it in a store somewhere, for Mastercard reasons, but with an inexplicable limit increase, the world is mine!

And let me tell you, there is only one pattern in that book that I don't want to make. 1/25? Amazing odds, seeing as I'm picky, and on the heavy side (read: fatty) but with patterns that go up to 56 inches chestwise in some cases, I have my pick of the litter. I promised myself that when the book came, I would buy yarn for one project, and now I can't decide. Really. I just keep sitting there, staring at all the patterns, looking things up online, making calculations, adding things to shopping carts, taking them out.

I also love the fact that I don't just have to skim to the last set of numbers to see what is usually my size. I loved that with Big Girl Knits too.

I think what I have to do is take my book, and march on down to a brick and mortar store. Aaand the only one within walking distance happens to be my favourite anyway, Needles & Knits. It's probably the only place where I haven't had anyone condescendingly ask And what is this going to be? and then bid me good luck with that little gleam of amusement in their eyes.

Which reminds me of a Lewiscraft story. I was knitting a hat, just your average 2x2 rib worsted weight hat on DPNs, and a woman actually said to me, just by looking at it, and then me, Oh your first hat! How intrepid! and I felt that familiar twitch in my eye that became synonymous with early twenties knitter knitting in public, or visiting a yarn store.

I was once told at a yarn store in New Jersey that it was wise as a beginner to only use sock yarn for socks, and what I had in my hands was not sock yarn. I resisted the urge to punch the woman out while screaming I'M IN CHARGE OF ORDERING YARN AT A MAJOR RETAIL STORE, YOU TWIT.

Anyway. The next few days see me buying yarn for something, I just don't know what yet. I have 24 options!