Monday, September 03, 2007


I'm on vacation for the next two weeks, going to New Jersey to visit the boyfriend, so I'll leave you with some eyecandy of the spinning variety.

Remember this?


Now it's this.


Merino/bamboo from Flawful Fiber, 150 yards.


I can't say I'm entirely pleased with how it turned out. I spun it fairly tightly and it just wouldn't hold the twist at all when I plied it, so it puffed up a lot. I love the sheen bamboo gives though, so I'm definitely going to make an effort to learn how to do it right.

And this is more from Flawful, my August surprise.


Rabouillet, 160 yards with some Angelina spun in for awesomeness. I'm terribly pleased with this.


It's so soft and springy. Definitely one of my favourite fibres to work with thus far.



And right now, in between the packing and general running around that always happens before a trip, I'm working on some Fleece Artist merino. I'm learning how to spin thin because my goal in spinning, nay, in life, is to spin sock yarn. It's why I started spinning, to be honest.


I know merino by itself isn't durable enough for a sock yarn, so if I do end up with a usable sockish type yarn, I'll design some pretty pastel bed socks. My feet are always cold. I rarely sleep without socks on, even if I'm sleeping in some sexy-little-nothing, I've got big ol' socks on.

So yes, vacation! I've found a place about an hour from where I'll be called the Spinnery so you better believe I'm hitting that up. Especially after last summer's twice-failed trip to Woolbearers. We got lost the first time, and arrived on a Monday the second time. They're closed on Mondays, of course. Alex assures me the Spinnery is easy to get to, which is good because I do kind of feel bad dragging him around to spinning and knitting places on his vacation.

Now, I have to sort out what knitting to take. I'm working on some very odd things lately. A wrap sweater that's more like a bathrobe, a self-designed pair of bloomers that, if they turn out well, will be submish material, and some underpants from Naughty Needles. Talk about bedroom knitting all around!

See you on the 19th!