Wednesday, June 27, 2007


What is it? I wasn't sure myself for a while.

A pile of knitting with angles and corners and spaces for buttons. But I trust you, Elizabeth Zimmermann. You've weathered me through some hard times.

A-HAH! I see how it works! It is a jacket after all.

Such a cute little jacket, it makes my ovaries twitch with emptiness. The boyfriend's boss just had a baby girl though, and he suggested I give it to her, along with the Daisy. I'll give her the Daisy for sure, but I think there's powerful mojo in my first BSJ. I'm probably going to keep it until a) my sister has a baby (or babies, we've had an inkling that she's going to have twins for years, and then a psychic told her so last year.) or b) I have/acquire a baby.

I love the earthy colours, and it's just crying out for wooden buttons. I don't think I can part with it just yet. I used some Nature Wool I've had laying around forever and fell in love with the yarn all over again. So much so, that I've recently...acquired five hanks of it. 1200 yards of earthy, tonally variegated goodness, just waiting for me to make it into something.

Oh, but what? I will pet it further and decide.