Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Showing off.


Merino/Tencel, from Spinning Bunny's Spin Your Own Socks kit.

Anshan's Biscotti colourway, 2oz, 139 yards. Haven't done the WPI yet. I was up until 6am plying this the other night. It took three hours to ply, but previous to that, it took two hours to finish off the last of the fibre. So, that's five hours of twirling and whirling and let me tell you, when I went to bed that morning, I could still feel the spindle twirling and the fibre moving under my fingers. I had a good sleep though.

It's a great kit, it comes with two 2oz balls of roving, which is really one split lengthwise. You're supposed to spin them up separately (at 36 WPI, which I couldn't not consistently do on my spindle) and then ply those together so the colour changes match up. I'm not one for doing what I'm supposed to, so I spun up one 2oz ball, and then plied that unto itself. Some of the colour changes in that match up though! And I'm not heartbroken about not being able to keep to 36 WPIs either. I'm pleased.

The kit also comes with a sock pattern, and some nice bamboo DPNs. I can always use more of those.

And against my better judgment, I've decided to try my hand at the Mystery Stole #3 thing. I tried the first one, which seems like eons ago, and certainly is in terms of skill development, and barely got through the first clue without my brain exploding. Luckily, I still had the yarn left and it fits into the theme this year! Here's my swatch.

Which is actually the first lace I've knit and blocked, believe it or not. I have a shocking amount of lace weight yarn and haven't ever really seriously tried a lace project. What better than a mystery project! I won't have a full pattern to psych myself out with.

Now, to spin something pretty to combat the dreary weather.