Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pro-ject roundup.

This is what happens when LiveJournal goes down. After feverishly refreshing their status page, which was also down, I saw a little thing on CNBC that said Six-Apart, their parent company, went kablooey due to a power outage in San Fransisco this afternoon. Gaah. Refreshrefreshrefresh, noooo. So I blog here.

I had a mitered squares class yesterday morning, and that went well. Except that it was at 9:30, so it felt a bit like school. Why am I always the youngest person in the class too? It's sort of annoying to sit around while the other people are talking about their kids and their husbands. I want to raise my hand and be all I have six cats!! They're like kids! After showing off a square I did before class in my handspun, one of the women in the class smirked and said to the other, "She must not have kids if she can do all of this stuff." Maybe if they'd stopped talking about their kids for two seconds, they wouldn't have had to rip back their squares.

Just saying.

So here's the handspun squares! I've decided it's going to be a blanket. I got 100 yards out of a shockingly small quantity of roving, so I still have an almost totally full bag of it left.


It's a rainbow! It's a really, really soft rainbow. It'll make a cosy blanket.

And, as promised, Pi shawl.

Pi Shawl

Out of KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud. I'm 13 rows into the 288 part. Every row is taking forever. I see why EZ called it 'travel knitting.' The lace isn't complicated, so it would be perfect for a long layover in an airport, or waiting around a hotel room.

More fibre came! Merino/bamboo! I can't stop groping at it.


Seee. Pretty.