Thursday, May 31, 2007

Of Falling Off the Wagon.

Yarn purge, even the subtitle of the blog tells you that. It's fairly easy not to buy yarn when you don't have a (paying) job and are (supposed to be) busy with university work, and also, have a basement full of yarn. But then, Mastercard saw fit to increase my credit limit, and some very bad things happened all in a row, and...well.

First I bought a book, and I said I'd buy enough yarn to make one project from the book. Book came, and I couldn't decide what I wanted to make. I spent days looking online, I went to a real brick-and-mortar store and I couldn't find anything within reason.

While this was going on, I spied the Get To Know Hemp kit and Fair Isle pillow kit over at KPixie. I thought to myself, yeah, I'd like to get to know hemp! and thought I could make the pillow for Mother's Day! Perfect! Well, except that I ordered it the day before Mother's Day, because I thought it was the next weekend. And who am I kidding, by time it shipped, I would have had one day to knit a Fair Isle pillow. Oops. I didn't start it until the other day, anyway. Not very far.

Three inches of stocking stitch. Oy. The AllHemp6 feels REALLY nice and silky though, compared to the AllHemp6 from the other kit. It's weird.

And then, Fitted Knits-wise, I decided on the Puff-Sleeved Feminine Cardigan, mostly because I love KnitPicks fabulous yarn with even more fabulous prices. I mean, come on, $18 for a cardigan in MERINO? In a plus-size? Hells yes. Give it to me.

But that's where I had my major falling down. Instead of just checking out after that, I got to looking around. Is Crayon REALLY only $1.99 a ball? That's an awesome price, I could make that thing I've been thinking of designing. So I ended up with 12 balls of Crayon.

And then I remembered their Options needle set, and how many times I've wanted it. Well, into the cart it goes. Then a nice big box came.

Mmm. Crayon, Merino Style, Options needles. The needles are glorious, I wish I had have ordered them when they first came out. So smooth and the CORD OH MY GOD THAT CORD. Perfect. I immediately whipped out the merino, the 4.0mms, and - shock - got gauge! So I started the cardigan that night.

And it progressed really, really well. But then, 33 rows of raglan increases, which is 66 rows altogether. I'm sort of waning on it. I'm on 19/33, and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger and taking longer and longer. But, the yarn and the needles are a joy to work with. It's hardly pulling teeth.

And there may have been some fibre-related falling down too, in a sock-spinning kit and a year-long monthly fibre subscription. But here, have a better picture of the alpaca handspun from last week. I'm calling it Pebble Beach, in honour of...well, it's what the Washington reporters call the part of the White House lawn where they do their stand-ups. I'm sort of a huge cable news nerd.

I'm also going to the newest yarn store in town to sign up for a sock heels class tonight, and maybe a short rows/self-striping yarn class too. They...well, they have Fleece Artist fibre for like, six dollars or so. I might sort some.

Like Kay said, every year is a bad year for a yarn purge.