Thursday, September 20, 2007


Aaah. Vacations. Two whole weeks with the boyfriend, two whole weeks of eating like a pig and not always putting pants on. Two weeks with a delicious dog who mostly loves me in the beautiful New Jersey countryside. Big yards, walking, playing, leisurely knitting and spinning. Not much progress to recount, and less purchases than I expected.

The travelling sock:


Vog-Ons in Seacoast's Panda in The Good Earth. Note the needles. Pink, plastic, non-threatening. Why yes, this was my first time knitting on a plane. I just wanted to make sure I had the least threatening needles ever. It's the perfect pattern for travelling; only two lace rows to remember! Though, I had to put the second one down on the plane because I didn't have my fantastic Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook on hand, and I was at the heel.


Hourglass heel. I've only done it a few times and it's not in my head like the regular ol' heel flap version.

I didn't buy a lot of yarn and fibre while I was away, though it was tempting. The Spinnery has a great selection of spinning fibre and I was horribly tempted many a time. I made away with some gorgeous hand-dyed yarn for socks:


And 6oz of natural brown merino:


...that I think my boyfriend covets more than I do. He kept talking about how cool the colour was and how he wondered what it would look like when I spun it, because of the white fuzz in it. And how much he loves natural colours, which, I suppose, was a hint that anything I knit for him should be in natural colours. Fine by me!

I keep saying I won't buy more merino but...then I keep feeling it up and I realise how much I need more/all of it. White fuzz!


I think the best part was that the woman working there gave me two back issues of Spin-Off that I didn't have for free. Free. That shit is $12 each here! Free! I was incredibly pleased with that.

And oh my god.


I finally finished my Clapotis for the Knitting Olympics that were, um, two years ago?


I was digging around in the basement for stuff to bring with me on vaycay and found the Clap, and the lone hank of yarn that had to come all the way from South America for me to finish it. Of course, it never arrived in time and I lost my steam. So it's been sitting in the basement for almost two years.

No longer!


It's finished. I'm a little ashamed that it only took me a few hours to finish when it's been sitting in the basement for so long because I thought finishing it would be such a chore.


It's so warm and cosy and, yes, merino. And impossible to take a good big picture of. But come on, we've all seen a Clapotis before.

...I want to make another one.