Thursday, August 23, 2007

Of stockings and churches.

Tuesday was Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee in my fantastic town of Aurora. And this time, I actually talked to her. Last year was kind of standing quietly and saying my name and then staring. This time I brought a so-called endangered friend to prove that, although rare, it does exist. Stephanie met the argyle and assured me that no matter what EZ said, they aren't obsolete.

No matter what rare offering I brought though, the woman in front of me in line brought Stephanie beer. No one can compete with beer. I was forbidden to go to Needles & Knits afterwards to buy things, but that's okay. I'm saving up for some special things.

And of course, I forgot I had my camera in my bag so you'll have to be content with some pictures from Sandra and, of course, Stephanie.

I wasn't at any point in my knitting to mindlessly knit away and listen. The heel was just about to be turned on the Tyrolean stocking and I didn't want to mess it up. I'm almost sad I'm finished the cables though, but I know once I finish this sock, there's another one waiting for me, and it'll just fly by. Here's some badly lit progress.

Front cable.

The front cable, which was the one I messed up on three times. Once I had to unknit that needle because I'd forgotten the cable completely (it's worked on every even row, the rest of the cables are every fourth), another time I crossed two stitches too early, and another I crossed in the wrong direction. Only three mistakes for, say, 16 full repeats of that cable which means 96 crossings doesn't seem too bad though, and I was able to fix them all.

It's hard to really express how long it is.

Loong tyrolean stocking.

But it's long.

Finally, let's all welcome my friend Diane to knitting. She's taking classes at Lettuce Knit which made me very excited because it's an awesome store. I've been friends with her forever and I love seeing progress as people learn! You better keep posting about your knitting, woman.