Friday, July 20, 2007


I'm the first to admit, I'm kind of a jerk. I don't do it on purpose most of the time, I just speak my mind and come off as abrasive. I'm fine with that, it's just how I am. Those who know me well know that's just a part of me, being a jerk. Sometimes I do mean it though. This, however, wasn't one of those times.

I've been taking classes at a certain LYS, and they added some more classes for summer on their website, so I went and checked them out. One was a Cat Bordhi-centric class, and that was fine. I was a bit worried about the description of the class though, which named Bordhi as the inventor of the Moebius strip. Er. I knew for a fact that wasn't true, but just marked it down to bad wording.

So, today, when I was visiting and one of the co-owners, the woman running this Bordhi-centric class, mentioned the Moebius, and actually said It's so brilliant, I don't know how she invented it! I felt a little twitch over my eye, and before I knew it, I had said something to the effect of Well, the first written pattern I know of is Elizabeth Zimmermann's from the 70s, but Bordhi has some nice patterns with it and I got that look. The look that says, Janis? You've said something jerky.

Of course, I wanted to say more. I wanted to launch into a tirade about it being based on a scientific theory thought up by a German scientist in the mid-19th century, but I didn't. I was good. But I know for a goddamned fact that Cat Bordhi didn't invent the Moebius. She didn't even invent the cast on she uses for it, but it is the first known time it's been written down and published.

I just kind of felt a need to make sure this woman would stop misinforming people via her class descriptions and her actual class. Sooo...then I found a webpage that has a time-line of the knit Moebius, and I emailed it to them. Of course, the problem with email is that you can't read my tone, which wasn't meant to be condescending, but might be seen as such by people who don't deal in online correspondence as much as I do.

Was it rude to correct her? I certainly could have started a big thing, but I almost feel like she's so into Cat Bordhi that she hasn't bothered to look elsewhere for the technique, and will end up creating all these other mindless zombies through her class.

Personally, I love when people correct me. It gives me a chance to learn new things, and I'm all about learning new things. I just hope I haven't blacklisted myself at that LYS forever. I kind of want a job there one day.

Next post, I promise pictures of my up-and-coming Pi shawl! I'm absolutely obsessed with EZ right now. She consumes me.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Nice warm tea.

Summer isn't the optimal time for knitting things like, say, tea cosies, but I needed a new one, someone started a knit-along on Ravelry, and a few days later, I went from this:


To this:


It's my own design, which I can transcribe into human words if anyone wants it. The things I'm most proud of are the snug fit, the braided ribbing, and the picot bind off at the top. If I did it again, I'd space the braids that carried up the length of it, because they squish the diamonds at either side.


But I wanted the braids on the length to carry up from the ribbing at the bottom so bad. It's not terrible, but I could have messed around with it some more.

Yes, it's sweltering out and I'm still drinking tea. Weirdo.