Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Let me explain, should anyone come across this again, why I haven't and won't be updating.

I've kept a LiveJournal for something like eight years now, and I've grown accustomed to it. In my LJ, I can talk about whatever I want; how much I jerked off yesterday, knitting, fandom, random things I hate in the neighbourhood. And so writing this blog - or attempting to - was a massive exercise in compartmentalising my life, and I couldn't do it.

Although it wasn't the case, it felt an awful lot like lying. I am very active online in a lot of things. Most folks who keep knitblogs are not. I can trace my online origins back to the starting days of Xena: Warrior Princess fandom, whereas a good number of you lovely people that I've met through Ravelry or other online crafty dealies are comparative new kids on the block. And there's nothing wrong with that, not at all.

But, I felt weird not giving everyone all of me, you know? I like knitting, sure, but I don't JUST like knitting. I like TV news and science and genuine lesbian porn and ranting about my shitty life. I like movies where Michael Caine kills bad guys and I like hockey. But I don't have blogs for each individual thing that I like.

No, I have the one LiveJournal, and I speak of unspeakable things in it; my vibrator collection, my transgendered boyfriend, getting high, supergay fan fiction. And you don't want to hear about those things.

Trust me.