Sunday, June 10, 2007

That...strange feeling.

Father's Day is coming up, and I've been puzzling out what to buy mine for the last week. Then I decided I'd just make him socks with whatever worsted weight yarn I found that seemed suitable. The choice of Bernat Denim Style might give you a clue as to how I feel about my dad in general.

Ill feelings aside, it's generally not a good idea when the leg of the sock would fit on my arm loosely, is it? I'm having a bit of a Holly Golightly moment where I think I may be knitting a ranch house. I don't know how big men's socks are. My father moved out when I was 2, so I've never been around men's socks. I have really big feet, and I seem to recall my dad saying he had small feet for a dude (might explain why he has a big screen tv, a giant stereo system, a hot tub on the deck, and years of infidelity under his belt) so maybe if they fit me, they'll fit him?

AHH! It's a mountain of sock. That's sort of how I see this now. A big scary mountain.

See, here it is with a CD for comparison. Too big? Too small? Am I knitting a ranch house?

It's entirely possible.