Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Yarn Purge, intact!

Despite a trip to the yarn store today, my yarn purge remains intact! I went with my grandmother, and she kindly bought me some Fleece Artist fibre!

So pretty, I've never spun with merino before! I also found out that my grandmother has a spinning wheel that used to belong to her grandmother. Hopefully it'll be mine one day, if it still works.

Lately, I've been spinning some Coopworth for an afghan. It's just a giant puff of chocolate right now.

But I'm close to being able to ply it. I've never plied before so it kind of terrifies me, but I'll give it a try. I have some black, white, and...I forget the forth colour. It might be a salt-and-pepper. It's really easy to work with though, I love it.

And finally, this yarn was begot in a swap with Claudia. Cotton Fleece is my absolute favourite yarn. It arrived yesterday afternoon and last night I swatched and cast on for the Cherry Bomb cardigan in Big Girl Knits.

I totally forgot how much I loved Cotton Fleece until I opened that envelope. Mmm. I want more. I want all the Cotton Fleece in the world!

I might start swapping more too, seeing how happy this has made me. I've been in a huuuge funk lately and seeing that prettiness just made me glow. I don't want to think that my happiness is based almost entirely on material things, buuut. It just might be.