Saturday, March 03, 2007

Hells yes.

Back in the fall, I decided to start a pair of argyle socks for my boyfriend. It can't be that hard, I thought. I had a pattern, I had yarn, and somehow, over the course of doing the ribbing, I talked myself into thinking this was the hardest thing in the world. It was crazy, all these bobbins hanging down, all this pattern, this chart, this was insane. So, I finished the first pattern row, cried a little, and put the sock away.

Well, last night in a fit of inspiration, I was looking for some yarn in the basement when I came across the knitting bag with the argyle in it. I looked at it, sitting there all sad with the pattern, and snatched it up. I will try you again, I said. That was just over 24 hours ago.

This is now.

And this is the back.

I am having the most fun knitting these that I've ever had knitting anything. The intarsia is pure common sense, you're either moving one colour one stitch forward or one stitch back. They're worked back and forth until you're finished the pattern rows. I'm at the point where I have to divide for the instep. It reminds me of those satisfying math problems where you had to solve for x.

Of course, that's what all knitting is, solving for x. But in most cases, x is the final product and...ah, I don't know, it's hard to explain how my mind works, but rest assured, I've never finished an entire leg of a sock in slightly over a day.

X has never been so much fun.