Monday, June 13, 2005


One of the sleeves for Lite Brite is done.

The other is in the works. Here's my Lamb's Pride and the rest of the Kureyon.

The pattern said six balls for the sleeves, but I finished the first one with one and 2/3 of a ball. So, I'm going to have some left over. Yerrr.

The stole: I have four extra stitches. Not easily fixable, given the rest of the pattern that came out last Friday. So, I'm going to rip it, and start over again. It didn't take me very long to get where I was anyway, so I should be okay. A little peeved. I figured if anything, I'd have less stitches. Meh.

Also this:

Knit with hemp that my sister uses for bracelets, and some beads and shells and crap I found. It's really light and easy to wear. I might make more and try to market them or something.

Ah, what else? The yarn diet marches on, successfully. Michael's has Homespun on sale this week, and God, I do love it. But no. I am being GOOD. Good.

See? Good.