Sunday, June 03, 2007

Everyday is for spinning!

At least, lately. I've been spinning more than I've been knitting, to be honest. I'm not sure why. My first batch of the Merino Sliver from Fleece Artist was...well. This.

Yeah. Merino confounded me. I couldn't figure out how to predraft to get a nice, nonslubby yarn. There were so many poofy parts. Great for a pretty art yarn, but I'm in a usable phase. So I read a lot about predrafting, and figured it out.

I stopped just breaking it up by pulling it up and down, I started taking strips off, too. I'm sure anyone who's been spinning longer than me will say, well, YEAH. But anyway. Behold!

That is 13 WPIs, a little more than I wanted, but still totally great. The colours don't show up very well when you're not looking at it in person. It's the Fleece Artist Wildflowers colourway, which is cream, powder blue, seafoam, baby pink, and buttery yellow. Wildflowers is the perfect name for it. I haven't measured yardage yet, because I don't really have a good way of doing it.

Closeup. I'm absolutely amazed how far my spinning has come in just a month. I'm actually taking the time to learn how to do things instead of assuming I'm doing it right. I predraft more, I hold my drafting hand differently now, and I have way more control.

In short? I fucking love spinning. That expletive was necessary to convey my love and joy. Believe me.