Thursday, June 21, 2007

I am not pregnant.

I don't know anyone who's pregnant (not in person at least, but I am living vicariously through Stefanie Japel on the matter). My boyfriend and I have no intentions of becoming pregnant or otherwise acquiring a baby for a while, and even then it's going to be a lot of work for about a billion reasons, both physically and mentally.

So why, then, have I recently (almost) finished a Daisy, and started a Baby Surprise Jacket? In addition, I've recently added the Hoover Blanket to my Ravelry queue, and am eying baby and toddler related patterns left and right.

Is my biological clock manifesting itself in my knitting? Probably. Here's Daisy.

I love the Baby Surprise Jacket though! It was a little tough getting used to the stitch marker business at first, but like most EZ patterns, once you figure out what you're doing it's smooth sailing. I think. So far, at least. I'm not terribly far yet, because it's only relaxing-before-bed knitting. I'm using some Nature Wool I've had laying around for a while, which has rekindled my love of said yarn.

Aaand some odds and ends. The Puff-Sleeved Cardigan from Fitted Knits is almost done. I'm on the lace part of the peplum (don't worry, I'd never heard that word before either.)

And I only have about half a ball of yarn left. Half a ball of yarn left for finishing the sleeves and doing the button bands? I'm nervous. I've already determined I need less decreases on the sleeves because they fit me pretty okay the way they are, so that saves yarn. But I dread having to see if Knit Picks still has my dye lot, what with the huge sale over the last few weeks.

Aaand my first fibre from Flawful Fibers & Yarns came today. Oh my god. It's beautiful.

That's superwash merino first silk! I'm constantly in the bag grabbing at it.

Mmm. I was a little wary of my decision not to buy fibre anymore this year, but I'm totally fine with it, seeing the glorious colours and the prettiness and soft and SILK. SILK!!

Silk. More groping now.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


This is my first real knitting pain, besides all those sore fingertips when I was a tender-skinned youngster making a never-ending ecru scarf. I finished the socks for my dad this afternoon and wove in the ends with a few minutes to go. He liked them, but he really didn't have any choice. Even more important, they fit, thank goodness. I don't have any pictures. My sister was literally waiting at the door for me to finish with the ends, so. You'll have to imagine two big striped socks in a fairly shitty yarn that I was just glad to get out of the house.

And my wrist was fine! It was basically three days of off-and-on knitting, and then I got cocky. This, as we know, is bad. Before I knew it, it was Saturday and I had to start and finish a sock by Sunday morning. Oh dear. But I did it. It was hard, I was tired, I took a break to celebrate my sister coming back from a six-month job on a cruise ship, and then back to the sock. It finished, Janis was happy, the world was smiling and shiny.

Then I went to my uncle's for additional Father's Day/Grandfather's Birthday celebrations. I knit a little more, on my Baby Surprise Jacket this time, I helped my fourteen-year old cousin tune his guitar, I played said guitar for a bit to show him that, yes, I know like, six chords and you can definitely learn more than I can (I prefer Guitar Hero to real live guitar these days anyway). And my right wrist started killing me! Out of nowhere!

So my first marathon gift knitting results in my first real knitting pain. One day, I'll remember this. And never make socks out of a shitty acrylic/cotton blend again.