Friday, February 16, 2007


Major project ADD lately. The socks and the wrap have fallen to the wayside as I decided on the mindless miles of stockinette that is my Gryffindor house sweater of Harry Potter fame. The front is nearly finished, I'm on the armhole shaping, and it's so nice to just truck away in front of the tv without having to look down every few seconds and make sure everything is on track.

I also joined the Knitters of Avalon knit along so I have to figure out what to knit for that. I'll take a dive into the stash later and see what I have.

Nope, I have not yet yielded to temptation and purchased any yarn at all. I'm intensely proud of myself, but also, I've made up for the no yarn in books and DVDs, which is bad. So I clearly have to wean myself off of buying things period.

Now, sweater!